Bullseye Bonsai is a nursery that is dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of and participation in, the art of Bonsai. We believe that this is especially important with younger generations. We offer high quality Bonsai material at affordable and competitive prices. We believe that it is important to make sure that our customers leave the nursery with the knowledge they need to maintain and properly care for their Bonsai. We welcome any and all questions. We believe that those who are new to the Bonsai community should walk away with the confidence to care for their Bonsai trees. Our goal is to make sure each of our customers walk away not only the knowledge they will nee to care for their trees, but knowing they can contact the nursery with questions and concerns anytime. We do this because, by doing so, we help turn a Bonsai novice into a confident Bonsai artist. Lastly, it is our belief that education brings confidence which creates the passion to continue the art. 


Bullseye Bonsai is proud to offer over 2000 Bonsai and Pre-Bonsai stock trees, as well 4,000+ Bonsai pots, over 200 accent plants, Granite and slate slabs, and bonsai soil. We also carry a growing selection of mossy rocks. We have an in house potter who is available for special orders. Our Bonsai and Pre-Bonsai trees range in size from Mame to two-hand trees, and larger. Our selection of pots has an even greater range in sizes and colors, starting with thumb pot size and ending with two hand pots. We have accent plants in all our pot sizes and pride ourselves with the variety of inventory we carry.


Besides offering quality Bonsai trees, Bonsai pots, accent plants, and Pre-Bonsai stock trees, we also offer aesthetic pruning services, large and small group workshops, private instruction, care and maintenance services, lecturing (both on Bonsai as an art and its history), organizing collecting trips, as well as landscaping and design consultation. 


We strive to do our part to help mend the environment. Although we are not a certified organic company, we do use organic principles and practices. Instead of relying on chemical control methods we have implemented earth-friendly methods of pest control. The introduction of beneficial insects, careful observation, and other methods help keep the nursery free of unwanted plants, insects and infections. We also use compostable cornstarch-based packing peanuts and recycled packing supplies in our outgoing shipments. We have mechanisms in place in order to responsibly manage our water usage. We compost all of our compostable material and use the resulting product to either grow herbs and vegetables (which aids in keeping the harmful insect population down due to the complementary plant system and the attraction of beneficial insects), or as a component in out soil mixture, that we use in the Pre-Bonsai stock soil. We also believe in protecting out national forests. This is why we only collect on privately owned properties and why we do not allow over-harvesting on those properties.


Donald Hoisington, proprietor of Bullseye Bonsai, had a strong interest in Bonsai from a very young age. At age fifteen he began to actively study the art. He joined the Fresno Bonsai Society and started collecting his first Bonsai trees. Donald learned the basics of Bonsai through lessons taught by the club’s most experienced members, as well as through private instruction and advice. Afterward, he expanded his knowledge through self-study. During this time he read literature and experimented on his own trees, beginning the process of perfecting his own methods and style. His introduction into the business aspect of Bonsai began by the suggestion of an acquaintance who was employed as a retail manager at a farm and garden supply store in Petaluma, California. who encouraged him to place some of his early creation in the store for sale. This early success at their store encouraged him to open his own nursery in his home town. Donald is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the Shinzen Japanese Garden.


When shipping trees, accent plants, pots or any other delicate items, it is the policy of the nursery to ship using the U.S.P.S.’s priority flat rate 3-day shipping. We do this to insure that all items will arrive quickly and as safely. We take care to package all our items in the safest possible way; using the standards and practices established in the Bonsai community by and large.